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"Is the person who won twenty-five in here?' I ask.

"I dont think so. Whoever it was must be dead by now, and Effie only sent me victors we might have to face.'"

-Peeta and Katniss debating if Zenobia Rivendell was still alive during 75 ADD in Catching Fire

Zenobia is the winner of The 25th Hunger Games, as mentioned above, at the age of 17. She is from District 2.



25th Hunger Games

Zenobia won thanks to hers kills in sword fighting and throwing spears, in which she both used to kill enemies on the 1st day, 3rd day, 5th day, 6th day, and the 7th. She also got help by siding with the careers, since she was a very valuable asset in their team.

With a fraction of their team left after days later, the finale of the Games began. There were asteroids coming from the sky, killing the remaining people, except for Zenobia, which is why she won. Her Games were described by Magnus. Also, her odds of winning were 9-1.

26th Games

This year, she mentors Magnus, but prefers to mentor his district partner for unknown reasons. She is one of the supporting characters in the story.

40th Games

This year she was one of the mentors from her district, "Theres Zenobia Rivendell, the victor of the first Quarter Quell. I thought Muscida won that year, but I must've been mistaken... Anyways, she has a red and blue dress, with golden hair and blue eyes. She looks gorgeous, and I can't stress that enough. I bet the Capitol loves her. She's pretty nice, with a strong attitude, and is pretty smart too."


Due to an illness, she died at the age of 46.

Catching Fire

Katniss and Peeta don't watch her Games, as Peeta assumes she has died at this time, since Effie only showed the tapes of the victors that were still alive.


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.