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Zander Mellark is the son of Judie Mellark and Zach Mellark, and the father of Peeta Mellark, Logan Mellark, and Jackie Mellark. He is also Sophie Mellark's husband.

63 ADD

At first, he was about to be Katniss's mom's wife, but instead, she chose to marry Mr. Everdeen, for his looks and amazing voice. He told his youngest son this when he was about 5-6 years old.

74th Hunger Games

During the reaping of his son, he had no hope for him and thought that he was going to die. However, he was one of the 2 victors in the Games.

Mr. Mellark came in to say farewell to Katniss after being reaped and awaiting to be taken to the Capitol (only in the book). This visit to Katniss is very surprising since his own youngest son, Peeta, was reaped as the male tribute and would be competing against her for his life. He gave Katniss cookies, that she later threw away, and promised her that he would feed Katniss' sister, Primrose Everdeen in her absence. Is is assumed Mr. Mellark made this visit because of his past feelings for Katniss' mother as well as the relationship and respect he had developed for Katniss over time.

75th Hunger Games

When Haymitch was reaped for the Games, Peeta volunteered as tribute. Thanks to a few rebels the Games were stopped and the six remaining tributes were taken during the ending of the Games. This included Enobaria Golding (District 2), Johanna Mason (District 7) and his son were taken by the Capitol to be tortured. 34 minutes after the Games ended, the Capitol send bombs to District 12. Around 200 people were rescued. Zander, his wife and two remaining sons were bombed in their bakery. Zander, his wife and Log died instantly.


  • He is in the Memory Book that Katniss and Peeta made.
  • He is said to have broad shoulders and burn barks from the past years of being in the kitchen for so long.