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Zach Mellark is the father of Zander Mellark, and the husband of Judie Mellark. He is also the son of Samantha Mellark and David Mellark. He was born 11 years before the Games would exist. Because of this, he was alive during the Dark Days, and worked in a bakery with his soon to be wife, Judie. However, the bakery was bombed by the Capitol during the war, forcing them to make their own bakery. This place would be very popular in 12, as this was the best bakery there. When they had their son in 21 ADD, they named him Zander. Zander would later grow up to work in the bakery there too.

5th Victor

During this time, Rummage mentions him as a little kid in a bakery in District 12, along with his parents.


Zach died of liver failure, since he always drank too much during the 62nd Hunger Games