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Weapons seen the 74th Games.

Weapons are mentioned many times in The Hunger Games and used by many characters, especially during the actual Hunger Games event by tributes. At the beginning of every Games, weapons are among the principle supplies found at the Cornucopia, and are initially acquired during the bloodbath. They can be can gained by sponsers like in the 65th Hunger Games when Finnick Odair received a trident. Tributes who do not obtain weapons at this stage must then acquire them later, either from the Conucopia itself (if any remain and it is unguarded), or from another tribute (by theft or killing). As a result, weapons tend to change hands as the Games go on. Most weapons are made of a silvery metal, and sometimes feature black accents (such as hand grips).


An Awl typically consists of a slender spike and some form of handgrip (similar in design to a screwdriver but smaller). More of a tool than a weapon, it is traditionally used in handicrafts such as wood and leather working. During the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss obtained an awl from the Cornucopia and gave it to Mags

An awl

After the group realized that the trees in the arena were full of water, the awl was used to bore holes in the trunks in preperation for inserting the spile.

Awls can also be used as a weapon in close combat to pierce tributes or to stab them but would have to do it many times for it to be fatal.


The District 9 Male right before his death, encountering Katniss in the bloodbath of the 74th Games.

An Axe can be used in melee and projectile form to cleave tributes and to give great damage. Axes are usually used by District 7 Tributes since they use them from a very young age, chopping wood and cutting trees.

In the 74th Hunger Games, the District 8 Male and District 10 Male fight over a throwing axe but the District 10 Male wins it. The District 7 Female got an axe but the District 4 Female stole it from her but left it for a Serrated Sword. The District 7 Female took the axe and starting fighting over it with the District 3 Male who won it but Marvel then steals it. Later, when Katniss falls down, she is met by the District 9 Male with a two holed axe but is killed almost immediately he is seen walking to her by Clove. During the 54th Games, Lyme Rabe used one to win.

During the 50th Hunger GamesHaymitch Abernathy was on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Kriska Slipnook, who was armed with an axe. When she threw it at him as he got to an edge of a cliff, he was able to dodge it, luring her into believing that he would die first as he had been disemboweled. However, the force field surrounding the arena caused the axe to fly back and kill her, allowing Haymitch to emerge as the victor. In the 71st and the 75th Hunger GamesJohanna Mason is shown to be highly proficient with axes, which she used to kill Cashmere. Coming from District 7, where the main industry is lumber, Katniss Everdeen muses that Johanna must have been handling axes since she was a toddler. She fights over an axe wit Tiffany during the 75th Games, and loses it. Tiffany injures Wiress with it but is killed by Enobaria. Because of this, Johanna picked up her axe and ran away with her alliance. During the 10th Games, Griffin Naysmith used one to kill some tributes. In Eero's Games, he managed to kill a career with one. The District 7 Male used one to kill three tributes in The 5th Hunger Games. During The 46th Hunger Games Kurt Bonatz won by using his amazing skills at using ones. In the 26th Games the District 4 Male slaughtered the District 9 Female with an axe.

During the 28th Games Sabille Bosehearty used one to kill not only some tributes, but encountered a bear mutt and threw it at the bear's face, killing him/her. In the 59th Games, the District 7 Male used one to kill the District 11 Male. When Alto encountered the D7 Male, the two fought, and Alto won but sustained a wound from the axe the other tribute had. During the 35th Games Greir Rollo got an axe in the bloodbath. During the 53d Games, Rendwick used an axe in combat to kill a gorilla and her Career pack. During the very first Hunger Games, Fir Yule had a background on using axes, being from District 7, and used her skills in using an axe to return home alive. During the 57th Games Blight used one to kill the District 3 Male in the bloodbath. In the 72d Games Pliny Arausio used one to win, along with Jago Potshore, who are both from the same district (District 7). In the 61st Games, Tiffany Waxler was very good at using axes during that time, and so was her dead boyfriend. She later fights Johanna in the 75th Games for one, but loses the fight and is later killed. Elias Haan has supposedly kept the axe handed down to him by his great-grandfather as a reminder of the hardships he and his great District have overcome. During the 14th Games, Raff used one to win that year's Games. During the 47th Games, Yohan used one to killed the District 9 Male. 

Bow and arrow

Katniss using a bow and arrow in the 75th Games.

The bow and arrow is a ranged weapon system consisting of an elastic launching device and long-shafted projectiles.The bow and arrow became a more popular weapon when Katniss Everdeen used it. During the 42d Games, Scorpii used a bow and arrow to win. During the 74th Games it is mentioned that when Glimmer had the bow and arrow, she was very bad at using it. Cato used it once when she tried to shoot Katniss but he missed too. When Glimmer died, Katniss took the weapon and killed Marvel with it when he threw a spear at Rue. She also used it to blow up the career's food supply. In the finale, she killed a couple of wolves and eventually Cato. Beetee made a new bow and arrow for Katniss to use in the 76th Games.

During the 1st Hunger Games, a tribute fires an arrow at Fir, but she dodges it and the arrow hits another person, killing them. The District 8 Male was said to have great skill with one during the 29th Games but never used one. The District 2 and 8 Females were both shot with arrows by the District 3 Male during the 4th Games. During the 75th Games, Katniss manages to shoot Gloss in the chest with an arrow, killing him quickly. She also tries to shoot arrows at Enobaria but she dodges them. Brutus uses his flotation device as a shelf when Katniss shoots an arrow at him. It seems that he was shot in the back during day two when the Careers attacked Katniss's alliance. She uses her bow and arrows to shoot at the Jabberjays and the monkeys as well during the same year.


Peacekeepers getting their batons out in District 11.

A baton is a long, narrow rod that can be made from many different materials. As a weapon, a baton may be used to strike, jab, block, bludgeon, and aid in the application of armlocks. They are also used by Peacekeepers to suppress riots.


Thresh killing the District 7 Male with a crescent sword in the bloodbath of the 74th Games.

This is probably the most traditional weapon in the Games. Many careers and tributes are fond of this weapon since its not too complicated are hard to use. There are also many different weapons that branch off of the sword, like Machete, crescent sword (khopesh), long and short sword, double-bladed sword, etc. Also of these weapons were used by either tributes or victors. Noticable characters that had them were Thresh, when slaughtering the District 7 Male. Cato used this to kill the District 9 Female. The last known use of the Serrated Sword that year was when the District 4 Female slashed the District 3 Female's legs, injuring her. During the 24th Games Velorum used a sword to behead a tribute and kill the Career pack that year. During the 7th Games Orchid won using a sword.

During the 54th Games, Lyme used a sword to win. Daniel Bernhardt had one when he was in the arena during the Games he won, and probably used it to kill the careers he allied with. Berglind Jonsdottir had one since she received a sponsor with a sword and a shield. As you imagine its not a surprise if she killed anyone with it. Librae Ogilvy killed many tributes with a sword in the bloodbath during her Games as well. In the 57th Games, Blight used one to win. During the time when the careers were chasing down Prim in her nighmare of her being in the Games, the D4 Male had a sword. During this time in the 74th Games the District 4 Female used a sword against Cato, but was quickly overpowered by him and was killed swiftly with his. In the 26th Games, the District 1 Male killed two tributes with a sword. Also, as an extra death, the District 10 Male dies by getting a sword slammed in his chest by Cato in the bloodbath.

In the bloodbath of the 74th Games, Glimmer uses a short sword to kill the District 5 Male. During the 3d Games, Gliese took a sword from the bloodbath and used it in self defense, but never killed anyone with it. During the 52d Games, Abigail Jackson used a sword dot kill many tributes, which is also what Terra Kinnimonth used to do during her Games. During the beginning/middle stages of the 58th Games, Cecelia used a sword for self defense. In the 59th Games, Alto used something similar, which he used a double-headed sword that separated into two separate swords. During Eero's Games he managed to kill a career with one. During the 5th Games again, Rummage used a sword to kill two tributes. The District 4 Male used one to kill two tributes.The District 1 Male also killed two tributes with a double edged sword. When Raff was killing his victims with a sword, it quickly became his favorite weapon of choice. When the District 4 Male reached the cornucopia in the 74th Games, he took a short sword but was killed when his throat was slashed by Cato's machete. During the first Quarter Quell, Zenobia won thanks to her using one. During the 27th Games the District 1 Male and the District 4 Female used one to kill tributes. During the 16th Games, Fallstreak used a sword to kill some of the careers. The District 6 Female used one in The 74th Games but didn't kill anyone with it since she was the one first ones to die in the Games. The District 2 Male had one and killed the District 7 Male in the bloodbath of the 4th Games. During the 67th Games, Other Victor, Augustus Braun was said to be very agile with a sword.


As said earlier, machetes branch off of swords. They are also used for cutting weeds or tall grass. Since District 10's tributes are full of butchers, many people who work in that profession there use a machete to slice death animals, along with knives. Since District 10's citizens have easy access to these weapons, they are very familiar to this weapon and try to get them whenever they are in the arena. Jackson Spidell also used one in 66 ADD to kill his victims. During the 10th Games, Griffin used one to kill multiple tributes with the machete. During The 49th Games, Grey Fretta used a machete to hunt down and kill tributes. During The 75th Hunger Games, Daniel uses one to battle Finnick but is kicked in the water and is later killed by Cashmere with a throwing knife. Peeta and Katniss obtained machetes in the games, But the only harm was done to monkey mutts.

Peeta holding his machete

In the 29th Games, Charity got one in the bloodbath, but didn't kill anyone with it. During The 68th Hunger Games, Ron Stafford used one to kill some of his victims. In the 5th Games, the District 2 Male used one and killed many people with it, including her own district partner by accident. During the time when the careers were chasing down Prim in her nighmare of her being in the Games, the D2 Male had a machete. The District 1 and 2 Females killed their tributes by using machetes. The District 2 Female had one and slaughtered the District 3 Female in the bloodbath of the 4th Games. In the 75th Games Peeta is seen time and time again using one. During the end of the bloodbath, the D4 Male and D5 Male are killed with one by Cato.


The finale where Wade used the brick to kill the D10 Male.

A brick was only used as a weapon ONCE in The 73rd Hunger Games by Wade Rankine in the finale when he beat the District 10 Male to death with it by repeatedly hitting him in the head with it. After he killed the boy he became very traumatized and likely suffered from PTSD afterwards. Since he used the arena as a weapon in a sort of way, some assume that he paid dearly because of it. However, thats probably not the case since this year's Games were regularly televised.


James Logan possessing the spiked mace in the 75th Games.

Spiked maces were used a handful of time in the arena. Its long, sharp spikes cause great pain and bleeding. During the same year Wade one the only weapon in the arena that was there was a spiked mace, if you count the brick out since that wasn't meant to be used as a weapon.

21 out of 24 tributes died from being killed with one. Wade killed the boy from 12 and the boy from 3 during the bloodbath. Int he finale, he fights with the D10 Male with one but they get hit out of their hands, so Wade used the brick as a substitute for a weapon.

In the 4th Games, Wolfmark Redpath used one to kill gorilla mutts and monkey mutts. James Logan also had one when getting to the cornucopia in the 75th Games. He charged at Katniss with it but was taken down by Finnick's trident. During the 74th Games movie, Cato injured the District 4 Female in the bloodbath with a bar mace but she later recovered and ran away. However, she was spotted and killed with the other Careers. He also kills the District 10 male on day 8.


The arena that was used as a weapon.

The arena was used once as a weapon, and the victor that won that year didn't have a happy ending, since its seen as mocking the Capitol.

Haymitch used the arena as a weapon by making the Kriska Slipnook's axe bounce off of a force field, killing her with the axe buried into her head. Since he did this, two weeks after the Games, his little brother and mother were killed. He was set as an example for any future victors to not do the same thing. Also, these year's Games were hardly televised for obvious reasons after that as well.


The District 3 Male holding a spear in the 74th Gams.

Spears are a very common and useful weapon in the Games. They can be used properly as weapons in close combat and for throwing as well, making them very useful to almost anyone that uses one in the Games. In the 31st Games, Muscida Selkirk trapped tributes in nets and stabbed them with her spear. In the 49th Games Grey Fretta used one as well to win. Marvel, known for having great skill with throwing spears, used one to stab the District 7 Female in the bloodbath. Days later, he spots Rue and throws a spear at her stomach, killing her slowly. He was killed quickly after her threw it by Katniss. The District 3 Male also used one to defend himself when he allied with the career pack that year, but he didn't kill anyone with it. The District 7 Male also used one in the Games and almost killed the District 5 Male but later encountered Thresh and was killed. However, it's also seen that he might have used a lance instead of a spear. During the 51st Games, Librae used one to kill tributes in the bloodbath. This year, Peeta also uses one but does not kill anyone with it.

The most famous possessor of the spear in the Games was Leonis Elestren, who killed three tributes all at once with the throw of a spear during the bloodbath. After he won, he became one of Panem's most popular victors to ever exist. During the 40th Games, Thorburn knew how to throw spears pretty well and used one to kill the District 4 Male by throwing it at his chest in the bloodbath. Brutus is also known for being a master at throwing spears. He probably used them in the Games he won since he's so good at using them 27 years after he won. Its unknown if he used them to kill anyone, but he probably did when he killed Cecelia, Marian and Chaff. He tried to throw one at Peeta but it was blocked by Finnick during day two of the 3d Quarter Quell. He later used one to fight Finnick in close combat. During the 65th Games, Finnickgathered a spear as one of his first weapons during the bloodbath but it's unknown if he ever used it or not.

Zenobia Rivendell used spears and another weapon to kill tributes during 5 separate days that year. James Logan won his Games by using his skills at using spears and by using his brute strength. During the bloodbath of the 15th Games, Ivo took a spear and killed two tributes with it. Sometime during the 22d Games Terra used one to kill at least one tribute during that time. Levinus Cayhen was speared by the Capitol when he tried to escape and run away from them, since he killed Janus Weaveful. During the 27th Games the District 2 Male used to to kill the first two people who died in the bloodbath. The District 11 Male also had a spear and killed a tribute in the 5th Games. Since Orchid was a fast learner, she specialized in using spears during her year in the arena. During the 23d Games, Struve Ballantynn killed two tributes with one throw of a spear in the bloodbath that year. He became famous for having the most tributes killed by one single tribute, since 14 victims were killed single handedly by him, including the remaining Careers during the finale. During the 7th Games, Orchid used a spear to win her Games. In the 66th Games, Bishop Hadley used one to kill one of his victims during the bloodbath.


The District 5 Male killing the District 3 Female in the bloodbath of the 74th Games.

short-handled farming tool with a semicircular blade, used for cutting grain, lopping, or trimming. However, they can also be used for the soul purpose of fighting. Because of their reason why to use them, Districts 9 and 11 have huge advantages when getting one since they harvest wheat with them back in their district. In the 74th Hunger Games, the District 5 Male had one to kill the District 3 Female in the bloodbath.

Thresh had one by his side during the Feast but its unknown if he used it to kill anyone or anything. The District 9 Female also had one but didn't kill anyone with it. Magnus Sterlingshre used one in the 26th Games and killed three people with it. The District 4 Female had a sickle in the 5th Games and killed someone with it in the bloodbath. In the 29th Games the District 11 Male accidentally slits himself with his sickle after falling in a frozen lake, resulting in a quicker death. In the 4th Games, the District 9 Male used one to kill two tributes in the bloodbath.


Marvel using a khukri, a type of knife, against the District 8 Male to kill him in the 74th Games.

A knife is an instrument composed of a blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon. This weapon has been used in nearly every Hunger Games. In the 75th Games, Enobaria used a knife to cut Finnick's thigh on day two that year. A day before that, Enobaria would kill Tiffany in the bloodbath that year. Speaking of Finnick, he gathered a knife as one of his first weapons in the 65th Games.

Beetee got slashed with one by Gloss when he entered the bloodbath and got his coil of wire as well that year. However, Finnick would only sustain minor injuries. Gloss would later used a knife to slit Wiress's throat on the same day. In the 3d Games Gliese took a knife for a weapon of defense and didn't have to use it once. Janus Weaveful was killed by one by accident when Levinus and Lavinia were trying to scare him into having their father be the Head Gamemaker again. In training for the 74th Games, Cato's knife is taken and he suspects the District 6 Male to have taken it since he was sitting near it. However, it was Rue that stealthily took it.

During that same year Marvel slaughtered the District 8 Male at the start of the bloodbath. Foxface took a knife during the bloodbath. During the middle stages of the bloodbath, the District 6 Female was stabbed to death by Glimmer when they were fighting over supplies. At nighttime, when the careers found the District 8 Male, they injured her and gave the honor of killing her to Peeta, and he murdered her with his knife. Cato even said that Peeta was pretty handy with his knife. When the D6 Male and the D5 Male were fighting each other in the bloodbath, the D5 Male gains the upper hand and stabs his opponent in the neck while also slamming his head on a crate. Later, the D10 Male gets stabbed in the abdomen by Glimmer with one. In the 13th Games, the District 11 Male tried to strangle Mizar to death, but she took her knife and killed him with it. In the 34th Games Eero used a knife to kill a career. During the 50th Games, Haymitch wielded a knife as a weapon when he took one from the bloodbath. He first used it when he encountered 3 careers. He took out 2 of them swiftly, with the 3d one being taken out by Maysilee. He then used it against Kriska when he stabbed her eye out.

During the 40th Games Thorburn takes two knives just in case she needs to use them. However, she would never need to use them at all. In the 4th Games the District 5 Male was killed with a knife in the bloodbath and placed 24/24. In the 27th Games the District 7 Male used a knife to kill the District 1 Female. In the 66th Games, Bishop Hadley used one to kill one of his victims.


The victor that used her teeth as a weapon.

Teeth can be used as a weapon by biting someone. When this happens, they are vulnerable to getting many infections. This was probably used only once in the 62d Games when Enobaria ripped one of her career allies's throat open, killing them, crowning her the winner that year. After she won, she had her teeth genetically altered and philed into fangs and also put gold into her teeth. During the 66th Hunger Games, Titus used his to eat his dead victims.


A standard scythe.

A scythe is a tool used for cutting crops such as grass or wheat, with a long curved blade at the end of a long pole attached to which are one or two short handles. Theres also a variation of the weapon called the, "Hand scythe" which makes it easy to cut the grass and wheat. Because of this, it's probable that tributes of Districts 9 and 11 would be good at using this.

As expected, it makes a good tool for killing people, so occasionally, there would be one in a Hunger Games. In the 27th Games, Tule Roxen, the first victor of District 10, used one to kill many tributes over the course of the Games, including more than one career. In the bloodbath of the 59th Games, Alto used a scythe and a khopesh to kill a female tribute. In the 69th Games, Gaius used one to sneak attack the remainder of his career allies with and killed them, thus crowning him the victor of the Games that year. Also, Cato used a hand scythe to kill the District 6 Male in the bloodbath of the 74th Games.


Finnick with his trident in 75 ADD.

The trident is a three-pronged spear, especially as an attribute of Poseidon (Neptune) or Britannia. They are also used to catch and stab fish. Because of it's main use, the trident is commonly used in District 4, making the tributes that get picked from there have a great taste for them, and they are usually used for throwing in the Games, as opposed to using them in close combat.

The trident was used many different times through the history of the Games, as expected. The most well known person to use the trident in the Hunger Games universe is Finnick Odair, who used it in the 65th Games after he received it from a sponsor. As you might have guessed, the sponsor was one of the most expensive every made. He also killed the majority of tributes after he received it, crowning him the victor that year.

He would use this once again in the 75th Games when he threw it at James Logan, with the trident hitting his chest, killing him. Ashleen Ballyregan supposedly used this weapon to kill other tributes that year. In the 76th Games, Beetee made a new and improved trident in the hopes of it to be more effective during that time when Squad 451 would try to kill President Snow. During the parade of the 26th Games, the tributes from 4 had tridents in their hands as a part of their costume. During the 51st Games, Librae used one to kill tributes in the bloodbath. In the 66th Games, Kailey Flanagan used one to kill the District 12 Female during the bloodbath.



Lances are a long weapon for thrusting, having a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging. Most of the time, they look very similar to spears. Also, there are small lances that are meant to be carried with one hand, along with another one in the other. This weapon has been used twice in the Games, during the 38th Games, Indigo used lances to win and kill tributes, including half of the Career pack, One of these Careers that was killed by Indigo was the leader of the pack. Also, its known that Ron used a small pair in the 68th Games to win. It is a possibility that the District 7 Male in the 74th Games used one instead of a spear.



Rocks are items of nature that can be used as weapons. They can also be used to start a fire, though this runs the risk of being discovered by other tributes. Thresh smashed Clove's head with a rock during thefeast of the 74th Hunger Games, denting in her skull and ultimately killing her. Rue used a sharp shard of rock as a makeshift knife.

During the 2d Hunger Games, Baron used one in the finale to kill his district partner when she tried to strangle him to death. During the 67th Games, the District 12 Male that year was knocked down and his head landed on a rock, killing him. During the 63rd Hunger Games, a tribute hid in the sand and eventually bludgeoned a career to death by sabotaging him/her. During the 1st Games, Fir used a rock to throw at a female career during the bloodbath. During the 29th Games, Garnel stumbles into a trap which smashes him with rocks.



A slingshot is a a forked stick, to which an elastic strap (or a pair of elastic bands connected by a small sling) is fastened to the two prongs, typically used for shooting small stones. One of the times they were used was in the 31st Games by Muscida Selkirk , and she was very skilled at using one. During the 13th Games, Mizar used one but used knives as her ammunition, making her a force to be reckoned with, since she could use these knives as projectiles. The same thing would be said about how the District 6 Female used her slingshot during the 61st Games. Lastly, the last recorded use of a slingshot is when the District 1 Male used one to kill the District 3 Male and the District 7 Female during the 4th Games.