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Some of the victors that participated in the 75th Games

"And this moment here... this is a moment that you never forget. The moment when the tribute becomes a victor."

-Caesar Flickerman talking about The 73rd Hunger Games. Victors are the winning tributes in the Hunger Games. Each District has one. After they win, their District is given supplies of food and other things to survive, while the lone victor (except of The 74th Hunger Games since there is 2 victors) is bathed in riches. Most of them become very popular all throughout all of Panem.

Lots of victors turn to morphling, a powerful drug to ease pain. They get addicted and it turns into drug abuse. They do this to try to forget the tragic memories of their past Games. Great examples are Haymitch Abernathy, Justin Hix, Megan Hayes, etc. Possible victims of this could by James Logan and Chaff Mitchell. Practically every victor that was won a Hunger Games has won since they had a background to survival or combat (and sometimes even both in some cases).

Victory Tour

Six months after a Hunger Games occurs, a Victory Tour is held to keep the memory of the Games fresh in everyone's head. They begin with the highest numbered district and count down, skipping the victor's district and saving it for last. In each district, they give a speech and go to a dinner. The Capitol throws a big feast for the victor's district where all the residents attend.


The Victor Problem

However, there are 75 victors instead of 74. The only victor without a Games is Ashleen Ballyregan. However, if you also count Porter Millicent Tripp and Augustus Braun then there would be an astounding 77 victors, which makes no sense since there are only 74 Games with victors. There are also two more male victors besides Ron and Finnick from District 4 in Catching Fire's reaping scene. Of course, District 4 only has two male victors, so that makes no sense. There was also said to be an eighth victor from District 7 named "Tizon Jordania." This has been a common issue in the Hunger Games universe.

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