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Velorum Lathmore is the victor of The 24th Hunger Games. She won this year at the age of 17. Velorum is from District 1. She was a rebel victor from his District. He was the fifth victor from her district.


24th Games

Velorum won these games by her noticing the traps the Gamemakers set there. She used them to kill her, "Fellow" careers with a sword, crowning her the victor this year. Also, during sometime of the Games, she beheaded a tribute. Also, her odds of winning were 12-1.

40th Hunger Games

During this time, she is one of the mentors from District 1 this year. She also meets the victor this year, "Velorum isn't that bad too, with her very exotic dress, covered in emeralds I think. That thing must have costed a fortune, but she's a victor, so she won't have to worry about money."

63d Games

During this time, she mentored Gloss Nicholo into victory. This was the only person she mentored successfully.

Second Rebellion

Being a rebel against the Capitol at this time, she was killed sometime after the Victor's Purge would start. She died at 69 years old when being cornered by Capitol soldiers, and then she was buried alive. Also, during this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.


  • The name Velorum, means "Brilliant", also, is the name in Latin for the constellation of Vela. And the name of its brightest star, which hints at the meaning of its name.
  • Some think her gender is male since thats the gender the name usually belongs to.