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Tule Kern Roxen is the first victor ofDistrict 10 , winning The 27th Hunger Games at age 18.

27th Hunger Games

During her Games, she was mentioned by Magnus many times for her great skills in the Games. During her parade, she is seen wearing an ugly butcher costume. During the bloodbath, she killed 5 tributes with a scythe. The Capitol liked her so much that they pretty much always had one of the 3 cameras on the TV screen for her. She also received a sponsor too. She also knew what to eat, what was poisonous, how to keep warmth, etc. She was very prepared in the Games. On day 10, she came across the last two careers and killed both of them. Later, she would kill the last tribute and received her victory. This greatly angered Magnus since he though District 10 was a district that always had bad tributes. It's also known that she used knives and a machete to win as well.

29th Games

2 years later, she would mentor the victor, Phox Yule into victory.

66 ADD

The only time she is ever mentioned at this time is during the reaping this year. She is said to have been looking at the "vast faces of future tributes."


During this time, when District 13 was breaking in the Capitol to retrieve the fellow victors, her name was seen on a pillar with her fellow victors from the same district.


  • The name "Tule" was originally a male name. This is weird since the bearer of this name in the Hunger Games universe is a female.
  • Tule also means born under the astrological sign of Libra, so it’s possible she was a Libra. Speaking of Libra, Librae Ogilvy, as you might have guessed, was named after Libra.