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The Trinket Family is one of the 13 Patriarch Families of the Capitol. They are one of the most notable families there, since one of them plays a major role in the trilogy of the Hunger Games series. Its also pretty well known in Capitol Couture too. Some of these members are escorts. Traditionally, the Trinkets run a very succesful bank in the Capitol, and two of the members that are noted are Effie's parents.

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Sometime during his 30's, Drusus Trinket married into Panems presidential family by marrying president Coremus Snow's son Calemus Snow. Drusius had a brother called Janus who attended the wedding as a best man, even he was young. Janus had a son named Jerome, who had a son name Justinus Trinket.

Justinus and his wife Euphemia Trinket were a famous couple back in their day as they were not only bankers but also sponsors and investors of Capitol News. Justinus and Euphemia had a daughter also named Euphemia, but called her Effie for short.