The Post-Second Quarter Quell Years were the years where the 38th to the 49th Games took place. District 1 had finally gotten another victory, but it took them 17 years to do this. This was surprising since they are a career district that usually wins.

Games Victor District Age
The 38th Hunger Games Porter M. Tripp or Indigo Weaver 5 or 8 15
The 39th Hunger Games Beetee Latier 3 17
The 40th Hunger Games Thorburn Chlodowech 5 18
The 41st Hunger Games Daniel Bernhardt 9 18
The 42nd Hunger Games Scorpii Inchcape 1 15
The 43rd Hunger Games James Logan 5 15
The 44th Hunger Games Wiress Plummer 3 18
The 45th Hunger Games Chaff Mitchell 11 18
The 46th Hunger Games Brutus Gunn 2 18
The 47th Hunger Games Yohan Fairbain 3 16
The 48th Hunger Games Kurt Bonatz 2 15
The 49th Hunger Games Grey Fretta 1 18
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