The Post-Second Quarter Quell Years

The Post-Second Quarter Quell Years were the time when the 50th to the 61st Games took place. These years were popular since a Quarter Quell took place during this time.

Games Victor District Age
The 50th Hunger Games Haymitch Abernathy 12 16
The 51st Hunger Games Librae Ogilvy 4 16
The 52nd Hunger Games Abigail Jackson 2 15
The 53rd Hunger Games Rendwick Keene 1 17
The 54th Hunger Games Lyme Rabe 2 17
The 55th Hunger Games Parry Ogilvy 11 18
The 56th Hunger Games Justin Hix 6 16
The 57th Hunger Games Blight Jordan 7 18
The 58th Hunger Games Cecelia Sanchez 8 17
The 59th Hunger Games Alto Combe 9 17
The 60th Hunger Games Megan Hayes 6 15
The 61st Hunger Games Tiffany Waxler 10 18
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