The Golden Years were the years when the 62nd to the 70th Hunger Games took place. These years where the years were won by careers, except for the 66th Games, which were won by Tiffany Waxler from District 10.

Games Victor District Age
The 62nd Hunger Games Enobaria Golding 2 16
The 63rd Hunger Games Gloss Nicholo 1 15
The 64th Hunger Games Cashmere Nicholo 1 15
The 65th Hunger Games Finnick Odair 4 14
The 66th Hunger Games Tiffany Waxler 10 18
The 67th Hunger Games Augustus Braun or Ivette Li-Sanchez 1 or 5 15 or 17
The 68th Hunger Games Ron Stafford 4 18
The 69th Hunger Games Gaius Flamsteed 1 18
The 70th Hunger Games Annie Cresta 4 18
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