34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"There was a desert once. An underwater palace, forests, once just a field of grass. The last one wasn't that special. You could see anybody so, within two days, everyone was dead except the girl from 8."

-Maika Sheert talking about this year's Games

The 9th Games were won by Savera Inchcape at age 18. These Games were unpopular since they ended so shortly. However, a good majority liked these Games since there was a lot of violence this year.

Pre Games

The Head Gamemaker this year was Lukos Castor. Since this year's Games lasted only two Games, people were very angry at him since it lasted for such a short time in comparison with any other year. Also, Savera's chances of winning were 7-1.

9th Games

Her Games is described in the 66th Hunger Games and The 40th Hunger Games book.

Her Games were the Games with the least amount of days in it, due to the poor choice for the arena. This probably means the cornucopia bloodbath's kill count was the highest, but it can't be confirmed, just speculated. It's assumed the Gamemakers would choose an arena like this, so there would be much more action (in which they received).

Post Games

District 8 received a huge surplus of free Capitol clothes that were very stylish as their District Gift.