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The 8th Hunger Games were won by Soren Galloway from District 5 at age 18.

Pre Games

This year, her mentor would be Gliese Dugald. The Head Gamemaker this year was Lukos Castor, and Soren's odds of winning would be 9-1. This would be because she impressed the Gamemakers on how she could use her survival skills so well.

8th Games

This year's arena looked normal, but in reality, it was very different. Whenever someone would touch the ground, they would almost immediately get r3- degree burns. However, the tribute's shoes were designed to deal with the heat. The ground also didn't radiate any kind of heat, so the only way you could find out was either seeing someone touch the ground, or you touching it. During the bloodbath, a tribute from 6 slashed Soren's thigh. However, she dodged his next attacks, and she hit his head on a crate, then, she proceeded to stab him in the back, killing him. Then, she grabbed a bag and left the cornucopia.

Soren, and everyone else in the arena that was alive, then realized that survival would be very difficult, with simple, everyday tasks being very hard to accomplish, like sleeping, for example. She could not lay on the ground. So, since she was very light, she was the only remaining tribute able to climb the thin trees. The Careers got their sleep by laying crates on the ground from the cornucopia. Soren would get her food and other survival supplies from the supplies she took from the cornucopia, sponsors, or animals in the arena. Since there were no land animals for obvious reasons, there were birds that could fly high in the sky and could sit on the trees. Soren took her knife and threw it at the birds, killing them, and they would fall on the ground, cooking them, and then she ate it. The Careers at this point in time were beginning to starve since they ran out of their supplies and sponsors. Finally, on the 8th and last day, Soren made a trap made of sticks and stones that relied on leverage. Once the unsuspecting Careers came close enough to her, the trap crushed all of the remaining Careers with a couple of boulders. This crowned her the victor this year.

Post Games

District 5 received a huge particle accelerator for their victory for their District Gift. Also, this year's Games traumatized her to a degree where she was practically mute and hated to socialize with others.