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The 7th Hunger Games were won by District 1's Orchid Edenthew.

Pre Games

The Head Gamemaker this year was Lukos Castor and Orchid's odds of winning were 7-1. Orchid is said to have volunteered since her ittle sister was reaped. 

7th Games

She won thanks to her alliance with the tributes of District 2 and her partner and her natural ability to use spears. Yet she only knew how to use basic weapons, but she learned very fast to use them. During the bloodbath, she killed three tributes, and killed two more people later in the Games.

However, many people hated her during the Games and after she won since it wasn't hard at all to win, as it was practically raining sponsors for her since she was so beautiful.

Post Games

District 1 received an orchard since the winner that year's name was named after a flower as their District Gift. Since many people liked Orchid for her looks, it is probable that she was sold into prostitution by the Capitol.