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The 77th Hunger Games were a Games that were held in an alternate universe, where Rue won the 74th Hunger Games.



Kaity was Reaped normally at 15 years old. She was scared for the Games, but out on a brave face.

Chariot Rides

Kaity and her district partner, Bolt Scythe, wore bright yellow togas with gold crowns set with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. They were one of the most-cheered chariots, other than Districts 1 and 2.


Kaity tried a sweet approach, and wore a soft pink dress decorated with lilies. Bolt attempted but failed to be funny. The males from 1 and 2 and the girls from 2 and 7 took hostile and/or savage approaches.

The Games

Cornucopia Bloodbath

During the countdown, two tributes died from explosions. The boy from 6's landmines malfunctioned and exploded, and the girl from 10 stumbled off her plate in shock. When the gong rang, only the boys from 1, 2 and 4 and the girls from 1, 2, 4 and 7 ran for the Cornucopia, Most of the other tributes were paralyzed from shock and fright. However, they came back to themselves when the girl from 4 sent a knife into the boy from 7's chest. Kaity ran for a spear, but was intercepted by the boy from 12. She kicked his shin, and he fell to ground in pain. She got the spear and threw it at the girl from 2, but she just laughed, ducked, and threw a spear in return. Kaity dodged, and it hit the boy from 12, who was coming up behind her. Kaity grabbed the spear and ran from the Cornucopia. Later that day, she heard 12 cannons, and was a bit happy at how many tributes died. At night, she watched the Fallen, which was the girl from 2, the girl from 3, the tributes from 6, the boy from 7, the tributes from 8, the boy from 9, the tributes from 10 and the boy from 12.

Day 2

Early that day, Kaity was woken from her sleep by a cannon. She saw the hovercrafts collect a body from the Cornucopia. She went to the edge of the woods, where she saw the Careers talking and laughing. She spied on them until nightfall, when the boy from 4 took watch over the other Careers. She took her spear and threw it, killing him. The Careers jolted awake, and she sneaked away. The Fallen were the boy from 4 and the girl from 12.

Day 3

Kaity sneaked to the Cornucopia and stole some food, then ate it while watching the Career camp. Then, as she turned to leave, the boy from 1 saw her. They chased her, and she felt sure she was going to die when she saw a tracker jacker nest. She threw a knife and it fell from the trees. She veered left as the Careers got caught right in the middle of the swarm. Near nightfall, she heard a cannon. The Fallen was the girl from 9.

Day 4

On Day 4, Kaity reunited with Bolt, who had allied with the boy from 3, Tyler. Together, they promised they'd bring down the Careers. Tyler created a distraction, and most of the Careers ran after him, leaving the girl from 4 at the supplies. Bolt and Kaity initiated the trap, and the boys from 1 and 2 and the girl from 1 were caught in a net. Bolt threw a knife, killing the boy from 2, but the boy from 1 sliced through the net. During the chaos, Kaity didn't notice three cannons fire. She looked around and saw the boy from 1 dead on the ground, the girl from 1 retreating, and... someone on the ground, with a knife in his chest. She ran forward and saw it was Bolt. She cried the rest of the day, and finally fell asleep, exhausted. The Fallen were the boy from 1, the boy from 2, Bolt and the girl from 11.

Day 5, The Finale

This was it. The Finale. Coyote mutts chased the 6 tributes to the center. Kaity grabbed a spear as the girl from 1 killed the boy from 11. She threw it, but it missed. Tyler killed the girl from 4, and the girls from 7 and 1 got into a knife fight. Then, the girl from 1 slashed the girl from 7's leg, and threw her knife into Tyler. Kaity, filled with rage ran at the girl from 1 and drove her spear into the girl. The girl fell, dead, and Kaity crouched down next to the girl from 7. The girl smiled, and revealed her name, Holly. Then her cannon fired, and Kaity was crowned victor.