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The 74th Hunger Games bloodbath scene

The 74th Games were the first Games to be won by 2 victors. These Games were very popular in Panem. However, the Capitol hated this year. Both victors were from District 12 and won at age 16. That year, Seneca Crane was the Head Gamemaker.

Pre Games

This year, Katniss's sister, Primrose Everdeen would be reaped that year. However, Katniss volunteered for her place to save her. The male tribute that gets reaped is Peeta Mellark. Their mentor that year is Haymitch Abernathy since the last one, Rummage Lorman, died when she met Gale. Haymitch is described as a drunk mentor. However, he gives her and Peeta Mellark good advice that year to survive the Games. She got an 11 this year, while Peeta received an 8.

During this time, Caesar is seen interviewing Cato Hadley, Clove Kentwell, Glimmer, Marvel Sanford, Chase Nelson, Finch "Foxface" Crosselly, D10 Male, Thresh Morrowson, Rue Stenberg, Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Mellark. During the careers' interviews, they act very vicious, funny, and smart. When they interview the boy from District 3, Katniss says that nothing exciting happened when they interviewed him. When they interviewed Foxface, she acted very smart. When he interviewed the D10 Male, it is said that he was very quiet and shy. When interviewing Thresh, he was the same, except that when he was being shy, he was letting the audience know that he was silent but deadly. When Caesar interviewed Rue, she acted very innocent. When interviewing Katniss, he loved this interview, since he was very happy to talk to a tribute from a lower District get such a high score. She showed off her dress that turned on fire. When interviewing Peeta, he acted funny and admitted to liking Katniss, making her get angry at him. Later that night, (the night before the Games) they talked, with Peeta saying that he wanted to die as himself, and he wanted to let the Capitol know that he wasn't just a part of their Games.

The 74th Hunger Games

Before going into the Games, Katniss's main stylist, Cinna Tormitz, wished her the best of luck, saying that if he could, he would bet on her. During the bloodbath, she and the District 9 boy were fighting over a backpack, until Clove killed him with a throwing knife going into his back, getting blood all over Katniss. Clove threw another knife, now targeted at her, but she used the backpack as a shield, now having a knife.

Later that night, she would later almost be caught by the careers, but she remained quiet and hidden. The Gamemakers would later make her closer to the other tributes, since she was the farthest tribute away from anybody. They achieved this by starting a forest fire, with her getting some injuries. However, she received a sponsor that would later cure her anyways. She ran into the careers, but she climbed up a tree to avoid her. They couldn't reach her, so they set up a camp there, so if she would leave, they would know about it. However, Rue would later notify her that there was a tracker jacker nest near her, so she cut it down with the knife she got from Clove. However, she would get stung a couple of times by the tracker jackers during the process. The plan worked, killing Glimmer Belcourt and Marina Macken. She tried to escape, with the tracker-jackers distracting the careers, but she started hallucinating too. Peeta tried to get her out of trouble, but Cato was chasing him. However, she lost them, with her passing out from the injuries. She would later be nursed into health by Rue later. They would later be allies, with them blowing up the careers supplies, resulting in the District 3 Male's death by Cato. Later, Marvel would kill Rue with the throw of a spear, and Katniss shot him in the neck with her bow that she stole from the corpse of Glimmer, making him suffocate in his own blood. Katniss grieved greatly over Rue's death.

A wolf mutt

Later, she stumbled over Peeta, since he camouflaged. He later explained how Cato cut his leg severely, leaving him for dead. She would try the best of her ability to helming Peeta, using the medicine she got from the sponsor. She also pretended to be in love with him at this time. During the feast, she went alone (even though Peeta didn't want her to) and stumbled into Clove. She almost killed her, until Thresh smashed Clove's head into the cornucopia until she was eventually dead. This angered Cato, so he later killed Thresh himself. After that, on the final day of the Games, the last three would be chased by wolf mutts. Katniss later found out that Cato had an armor chest piece that would deflect the arrows that she would shoot at him. She later fought Cato on top of the cornucopia. Eventually, she spared Cato when he fell off of the cornucopia after she shot an arrow at his hand. When it was just her and Peeta left, she threatened the Gamemakers that if they didn't let the both of them win, they would commit suicide. This worked, and there were two victors that year. This made Haymitch very weary, as he knew what happens when you do risky things like that. She later returned to District 12 happy.

Final 5:

Placing Tribute Cause District
1st Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark killing the last tribute 12
3rd Cato Hadley killed by Katniss 2
4th Finch "Foxface" Crossley poisoned by berries 5
5th Thresh Morrowson killed by Cato 11

Tributes placing 6th - 13th

Placing Tribute Cause District
6th Clove Kentwell head smashed with a rock by Thresh 2
7th Rue Stenberg speared by Marvel 11
8th Marvel Sanford shot with an arrow by Katniss 1
9th Chase Nelson neck snapped by Cato 3
10th Jeremy Marinas killed by Cato with a machete 10
11th Marina Macken killed by Tracker Jackers 4
12th Glimmer Belcourt killed by Tracker Jackers 1
13th Savannah Lintz killed by Glimmer and Peeta 8

Bloodbath ranking (14th - 24th)

Placing Tribute Cause District
14th Dakota Hood Stabbed by Clove with a throwing knife 10
15th Chris Mark Neck slit by Cato with a machete or a sword 5
16th Max Jamieson Stomach cleaved by Cato with a bar mace 4
17th Jason Moio Stabbed in the back by D5 Male then Slashed in the stomach by Cato with a serrated Sword 6
18th Maple Hancock Speared in the heart by Marvel 7
19th Demetria Thurman Killed by Cato with a sword 9
20th Kristof Ly Neck slashed by a crescent sword and broken by supplies by Thresh 7
21st Kara Peterson Repeatedly stabbed in the face by Glimmer 6
22nd Mayley Prescott Neck slashed with a sickle by D5 Male 3
23rd Sam Tan Neck slit and stabbed repeatedly by Marvel with a kukri 8
24th Rye Yepez-Frias Knife thrown in the back by Clove


  • In the 73rd and 74th Hunger Games, the first tributes to die were both males from District 8 and District 9.