The 72nd Hunger Games

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"I hope the arena won't be something too crazy, like how last year it was a winter wasteland. I remember that year. A boy from 7 won. In the finale, the snow melted away and the arena became a hot desert."

-Wade Rankine talking about the 72d Games

The 72d Games were won by the 16 year old Pliny Arausio. These Games were popular, only because Titus participated in them. Seneca Crane was the Head Gamemaker that year. These Games took place for the longest time, since it took 9 weeks to complete.


Pliny was mentored by Johanna Mason, but its unknown if she gave him any good advice, as she is very unpredictable.

During his private session, he didn't do so well, putting his odds of winning to 20 - 1. This was because his training score was a 3, according to Katniss in "The Hunger Games."

During his parade, he was dressed up like a tree, since Johanna said that tributes from 7 have been dressing up like them for 40 years since Catching Fire.

72nd Games

The arena that year was a snowy terrain, and the theme was a melting ice cube. Many tributes died by freezing to death. Despite this, Pliny kept moving on, killing tributes with an axe. Its also known that the tributes that year were wearing blue cargo pants, and thicker tribute jackets. Since the Games took so long to complete, people were tired of seeing the same old thing. So, in the finale, the arena was almost completely unrecognizable, since the snow had melted and now it was a hot desert. There were only 2 tributes left, consisting Pliny and the boy from District 1. The two fought, and Pliny won since he was the last man standing. The Other Victor that won this year was Brass Fitzpatrick.

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