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"Annie Cresta. She won about five years ago," says Peeta. That would have been the summer after my father died, when I first began feeding my family, when my whole being was occupied with battling starvation.

I don't remember those Games much, I say. "Was that the earthquake year?"

-Katniss and Peeta talking about the 70th Games in Catching Fire

The 70th Games were won by the 18 year old Annie Cresta. These Games were somewhat popular, as people still talk about them years after they've ended.


Her mentor this year was Finnick Odair. Its unknown what advice he gave to her to win the Games. This year, her odds of winning were 10 - 1. Also, Lysander Cayhen would be the Head Gamemaker this year.

70th Games

During his time as the Head Gamemaker during The 71st Hunger Games, he killed the crowd's favorite tribute, so he was fired for it. Halfway during the Games, she joined the careers to increase her survival. She wanted to break up with the alliance with her district partner. However, he was beheaded by the boy from 1, placing him in 7th place. This disturbed her for the rest of her life, meaning that she lad a connection to him, or was just horribly disturbed by the beheading itself. She then went on by herself and hid after the incident. That leaves the tributes from 1,2, herself and the District 9 female.

After this, there was an earthquake that shook the arena, making the arena flood. Since Annie was from District 4 and could swim the best out of anyone else in thus year's Games, the other tributes drowned, washing away the career's food supply, and also leaving her the victor. These Games only took 8 days to complete.

Final 5 Ranking:

1st Annie Cresta District 4 Being the best swimmer.
2d District 9 female District 9 Drowned
3d District 2 female District 2 Drowned
4th District 1 male District 1 Drowned
5th District 2 male District 2 Drowned


After the Games, she would fall in love with her mentor and later merry him 6 years after her Games.