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"Five years ago it was a burning desert."

Atala mentioning the 69th Hunger Games arena

The 69th Hunger Games were won by the 16 year old Gaius Flamsteed. They were somewhat famous, as it was mentioned before. This year was mentioned once through the franchise.

Tribute Parade

Gauis trained until he was 16, when he was reaped for the 69th Games. Nobody volunteered in his place. During the tribute parade, Gaius and his district partner wore golden and white greek-inspired outfits this year. Since he had jewelry on him, his costume probably resembled luxury.

Pre Games

This year, Iuvartus Templesmith was the Head Gamemaker. It is also known that his odds of winning her 6 - 1. Right before the Games began, the girl from 3 dropped her token, a small wooden ball, which killed her in an explosion from the mines. This almost knocked Gaius off his pedestal, but he managed to keep his balance. He allied with a tribute from District 7 before the Games began.

69th Games

The arena was a desert, as Atala mentions. In the bloodbath, all of his Career allies died, and he ran off with the ally from 7. On day two, he killed two tributes with his scythe. Days passed, and some of the remaining tributes were getting killed off by dehydration. Gaius's District 7 friend was killed by an Escorpelicus, a mutation of a scorpion, but much larger and lethal. When that person died, Gaius just managed to hold on to his life longer than the others, and he was crowned the victor this year.

Placing of the known tributes that year:

Placing Tribute Cause District
1st Gaius Flamsteed killing the other tribute 1
2d District 1 Female getting killed with a scythe by Gaius 1
3d District 2 Male getting killed with a scythe by Gaius 2
4th District 2 Female getting killed with a scythe by Gaius 2
5th District 7 male getting killed by an Escorpelicus 7
24th District 3 Female Explosion by mines when she dropped her token 3