The 68th Hunger Games

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Les 68e Jeux ont été remportés par Ron Stafford, 18 ans, et il serait le dernier vainqueur masculin de son district. Ces Jeux n'étaient pas du tout populaire, car ils n'ont pas eu lieu pendant les années d'or, même s'ils ont été remportés par une carrière.


Before the Games began he received an 8 as a training score since he was a skilled career. This year, Iuvartus Templesmith was the Head Gamemaker. His odds of winning were 8 - 1.

68th Games

A few years ago, in a Hunger Games, a tribute was making tea by using a tin gallon that had been cut in half, the lip ragged was was dangerous. It sits in a fire, filled with a handful of pine needles steaming in water. Later, Twill decides to do this to make tea.

Since this happened a few years ago prior during Catching Fire, its assumed this was the year it happened, since the other recent years' Games were explained. This would also go with this year, since this arena was a forest, with an addition of an underwater cave (s).

Since he was from District 4, he knew how to swim, going underwater in the arena where caves were. He also allied with the boy from 7, but it's unknown how he died. Its also known that Ron killed using a machete and a lance. Many tributes died from dehydration, but Ron didn't, as he was from District 4 and knew how to locate water. In the arena, Ron and the other careers planted a camp near the only stream in the arena and used it as a source of clean drinking water and for fishing as food.

Placing 1st-5th

Tribute Placing Cause District
Ron Stafford 1st outliving the others 4
District 2 Male 2d killed by the D2 Female 2
District 2 Female 3d killed by the D2 Male 2
District 4 Female 4th killed by the D2 Male 4
District 7 Male 5th unknown 7
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