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The 67th Game were won by Ivette Li-Sanchez, or, the fake victor, Augustus Braun, a member of the, "Other Victors." Ivette won them at age 15, while Augustus won them at age 17. These Games were very popular, as Augustus would then later be called, "The Caviller Career," and, "Panem's Favorite Son." Most think Augustus won, as their stories are very different.


During the reaping of District 12, Maria Mellark is seen being reaped there, screaming on how unfair it all is on being picked. This also disturbed her district partner.

Its also known that his odds of winning were 3 - 1, which weren't that surprising for a career like him. Before the Games would start, Ivette's odds of winning were 7 - 1.

During Maria's interview, she wears a simple white dress that makes her look like a candle. During Augustus's interview, he is very appealing and funny to the crowd. Its also known that Caesar had green hair during this time.

Ivette was mentored by James Logan, a friend of hers before the Games during preschool.

This year, Iuvartus Templesmith was the Head Gamemaker.

67th Games

  • Ivette's story:

During the bloodbath, she poisoned 2 people in an alliance, and killed other tributes with throwing knives. She was a very aggressive tribute from 5 this year, as Panem hasn't seen this kind of behavior from District 5 in some time. She also poisoned 3 more tributes in the final stage of the Games, crowning her the victor. It is also stated that she was very skilled at using a tomahawk in the Games,in which he also killed tribute(s) with this as well. Finale placing:

Placing Tribute Cause District
1st Ivette Li-Sanchez killing the last tribute 5
2d Caraty B. poisoned by Ivette 1
3d Georgia killed by Caraty 11
4th District 7 Female poisoned by Ivette 7
5th District 3 Male poisoned by Ivette 3
  • Augustus's story:

During this time, he easily made allies with all of the other careers, and became the leader of the alliance. He killed the district 8 and 7 male during the bloodbath, and two of his career allies died during the bloodbath, killed by people who weren't careers. On day 2, he killed Maria Mellark during nighttime. However, when the alliance was shrinking, the other remaining careers made a plan to kill him. However, since he was very skilled in hand to hand combat and was agile with a sword, he defended himself and killed the rest of him. Later, with the other remaining tributes were killed from poisonous rain and fireballs that fired out of cannons from the Gamemakers, he was crowned the winner that year.

Ranking of the bloodbath for Augustus's year:

Ranking District Tribute Cause
24th District 10 District 10 male Killed by District 4 male
23d District 5 District 5 female Killed by District 2 male
22d District 5 District 5 male Killed by District 2 male
21st District 8 District 8 male Killed by Augustus Braun
20th District 7 District 7 male Killed by Augustus Braun
19th District 3 District 3 female Killed by District 2 female
18th District 8 District 8 female Killed by District 1 female
17th District 12 District 12 male Killed by District 4 female
16th District 7 District 7 female Killed by District 4 female
15th District 9 District 9 female Killed by District 2 female
14th District 2 District 2 male Killed by District 10 female
13th District 11 District 11 male Killed by District 9 male

Begging of Day 2 placing:

During day 2, the District 3 Male wandered in the frozen area of the arena without any supplies, making him die of hypothermia. It was said that he was, "all kinds of blue and purple" obviously meaning that he was freezing severely.

Placing District Tribute Cause
12th 3 District 3 Male freezing to death