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"It took about a week for his competitors to realize that he was the one to kill, but it was too late."

-Katniss talking about Finnick's Games.

The 65th Hunger Games were the Games where Finnick Odair won. These Games were very popular, as he was the youngest victor ever.


During this time, Mags Flanagan was his mentor, and for his female tribute. During training, Finnick instantly teamed up with other careers. His odds of winning that year were 12 - 1, almost doubled the score of Katniss's 9 years later. Also, during his interview, he won over the audience with his seductive personality and instantly became a favourite by the crowd. 

65th Games

These Games took about only 1 week to complete. During the bloodbath, Finnick gained a spear and a knife as his first weapons. Somewhere halfway, he received a sponsor, which was a trident, one of the most expensive sponsor ever to be made. Finnick then made nets out of vines to trap his opponents with and then stabbed them with his trident.

Shortly after this happened, he would be very popular in the Capitol. They all wanted his body, but would have to wait 4 more years. These Games took place in the middle of The Golden Years

Also, the tributes from 1 that year weren't very well liked, making them last not as long as the other careers. They also didn't receive sponsors, and both were mentored by Gloss Nicholo.

Placing Tribute Cause of Death District Day

of Death

1st Finnick Odair N/A 4 N/A
2nd Adella Impaled through the stomach by Finnick with his Trident 4 7
3rd Tiberius Stabbed in the stomach by Finnick with a trident 2 7
4th Elaeis Slashed by Finnick with a trident 1 7
5th Unknown Male Killed by Tiberius with a Machete Unknown 7
6th District 8 Female Killed by Tiberius with a machete 8 6
7th District 5 Male Unknown 5 6
8th District 3 Male Unknown 3 6