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The 64th Hunger Games were won by Cashmere Nicholo at age 15. These Games were very popular, taking place during The Golden Years.


Cashmere volunteered at the age of 15 so she could become a victor just her brother did. Speaking of him, he was her mentor this year. Also, her odds of winning were 1- 4. 

64th Games

The arena was a creepy spider-forest with vampire-like mutts, tarantula's and wolves. The spiders would be very fast in speed, have huge fangs, and also had very hairy bodies for some reason. One of the vampire-like mutts was a coyotes, that were also genetically enhanced. They could also change their form and replicate other tribute's words, so that they could draw in more tributes to kill them. This is how the rest of the career pack died, and the only survivor was Cashmere. As previously mentioned, they had wolves that had yellow eyes and black pupils.

During the bloodbath, she killed 5 tributes. However, her district partner was killed on that day. She made an alliance with the district 2 male and found the boy from 6 who did it. She killed him in an agonizing way. The boy from 6 also made an alliance, so their her alliance killed theirs. On the last day, when there was only a tribute from 9 left, she assassinated him, giving her the victory. It is also said that she had great skill with a knife and a throwing knife. Unlike her brother, she wasn't scared to be in the Games, since she volunteered.


After this, she was sold into prostitution by the Capitol at age 17.