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"Enobaria looks to be about thirty and all I can remember about her is that, in hand-to-hand combat, she killed one tribute by ripping his throat open with her teeth. She became so famous for this act that, after she was a victor, she had her teeth cosmetically altered so each one ends in a sharp point like a fang and is inland with gold."

-Katniss talking about Enobaria's Games in Catching Fire

The 62nd Hunger Games were the Games Enobaria Golding won. These Games were very popular, as they were won by a career in a very interesting way.


According to Capitol Couture, she was a volunteer.

Before the Games, she was mentored by Lyme Rabe. After this, she made allies with the other careers, presumably during training. Also, its known that her odds of her winning were 1 - 7.

62nd Games

Before the final days of the Games, its unknown on what happened, but it can be assumed that she killed a good amount of tributes with her alliance. In the finale, she ripped open the throat of one of her fellow careers with her teeth, making her famous as a victor. 


After her Games, she had her teeth genetically altered and philed into fangs and also put gold into her teeth.