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The 5th Games were won by District 12's first victor, Rummage Lorman. He is briefly mentioned as a deceased victor in The Hunger Games book. He won these Games at age 15. These Games were famous since they were won by a lower district, and also because there was a very interesting arena that year. This year, the Head Gamemaker would be Hastan Naqvi.

Pre Games

When reaped, there were no volunteers for him. The female tribute, Emilia Jones, was his district partner, a girl that he never knew. This was because she was from the Seam and Rummage was from a richer part of District 12. Emilia secretly had a crush on Rummage, in which he suspected since she acted somewhat weird to him when he was around, always smiling at him. They were escorted by Euphemia Trinket. When he was being picked on by the careers, she stuck up for him, even though she knew they would insult her. His training score was a 6 since he showed his decent sword skills.

He hung on the balcony twice before the games would commence. They also had guides instead of mentors though there were victors before them from their district at the time, with one of them being Jack and one of the being Demetria. Their stylists were Aurora, a kind lady, with dark blue, straight hair. Then there's Flora, a funny woman, with every color of the rainbow on her hair, first starting with red on the top of her hair, then ending with purple. Lastly, there's Flauna, an optimistic lady with spiky white hair. 

Rummage watches previous Games before he gets to be in one. In the tribute parade, he would be wearing a coal miner outfit, along with Emilia. During the time of the interview, he would wear a standard suit while Emilia would wear a dress. He would ey interviewed by Gaius Flickerman, the first master of ceremonies at the time. His odds of winning were 22-1.

5th Games

During the 1 min before the Games would begin, he noticed that the arena was almost all water, except that the cornucopia was on a small island, with some other islands where some of the tributes could reside in for. Since this arena included a huge amount of water, all of the tributes were to wear swimming outfits, with each two district tributes have a different colored swimming suit, representing that they originated from a different district. When the Games began, he killed the girl from 8.

He was getting cornered by a career, and was about to die, until Emilia shouted about for him and the career to battle, resulting her to die and giving Rummage time to leave and take a sword and a backpack to go with him on an island. Needless to say, Emilia died in the fight very quickly.

On day 2, he would see a tidal wave that would wipe out the island were the tributes from 9 would be, next to Rummage's island. Rummage would decide to get more supplies since he ran out of food but was bombarded by the girl from 3 since she was hiding in the cornucopia. However, Rummage killed her too, but sustained a would on the leg. On day 3, the final day, 3 careers, the District 1 Male, and the pair from 4 would try to swim during about 1 in the morning, while it was still dark, to attack Rummage and kill him. However, they were sucked in a whirlpool and drowned. Later, with the District 2 male would try to go to his island by crossing the district 9's island, but sank in it since there was still so much water in the sand that it became quicksand, killing him. There was also lots of aquatic life under the water, that had razor-sharp teeth, and was easily able to kill their enemy since they traveled in packs. They closely resembled piranhas.

Post Games

After he won the Games, he would be greeted by his prep team, Euphemia, Jack, the guide he had a good relationship with, and Demetria. During his interview, he talked about how great Emilia's sacrifice was in the Games. When he met the mentors and victors of the previous GamesBaron OverwhillWolfmark RedpathGliese Dugald, and Fir Yule. He also got to talk to the president of Panem at the time, Corlana Snow. District 12 received a huge coal mining factory for their District Gift.

Cornucopia Bloodbath Placing:

Placing Tribute Cause District
24th District 10 Female slaughtered with a sword by the District 4 Male 10
23d Conner killed by the District 1 Male with a double edged sword 6
22d Victors killed by the District 1 Male with a double edged sword 6
21st Mona killed by the District 5 Female with an axe 11
20th District 10 Male neck slashed with a sword by the District 4 Male 10
19th District 3 Female stabbed to death by the District 2 Female with a knife 3
18th District 3 Male strangled to death by the District 5 Male 3
17th District 5 Male head hit with an axe by the District 7 Female 5
16th District 8 Female chest sliced by Rummage Lorman 8
15th Kaleb killed with a sickle by the District 4 Female 7
14th Emilia neck snapped by the District 2 Female 12

Placing from 13th to 6th

Placing Tribute Cause District
13th Luke drowned by the tidal wave 9
12th Shannon drowned by the tidal wave 9
11th Laura stabbed and slashed in multiple areas by Rummage 5
10th Ruby killed by the District 11 Male with a spear 1
9th Bryce killed by the District 1 Male with a double edged sword 11
8th District 4 Male drowned in the whirl pool 4
7th Brawn drowned in the whirl pool 1
6th District 4 Female drowned in the whirl pool 4

Placing from 5th to 1st

Placing Tribute Cause District
5th District 2 Female getting killed by the District 2 Male with a machete by accident 2
4th District 8 Male getting killed by the District 2 Male with a machete 8
3d Jewel getting killed by the District 2 Male with a machete 7
2d District 2 Male getting suffocated by stepping into quicksand 2
1st Rummage Lorman outlasting and killing the other tributes to win 12