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the 58th Games were won by the 17 year old Cecelia Sanchez. These Games weren't very popular. She is seen as a hero, since she was very resourceful and smart when she won her Games.

Pre Games

During this time, her odds of winning were 5 - 1. She also allied with the District 1 Male, the District 10 Female, and the District 10 Male. She would later use this alliances to survive longer than the other tributes in the Games.

58th Games

During the beginning- middle of the stages of the Games, she was good at using a sword and throwing knives. She killed 4 tributes in the bloodbath in this way. She also takes care of the D10 Male whenever he got injured.

In the final days of her Games, only 3 Tributes were left: The District 4 male, The District 7 male and Cecelia. In combat, The District 4 male was hurt really badly, and the District 7 male was killed. The District 4 male went after Cecelia but was trapped in a net she had sown out of vines (since she's from 8,). He died within minutes of his wounds, making Cecelia victor.