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The 55th Games were won by the 18 year old Parry Ogilvy. These Games were popular, as they were very appealing to the Capitol.


Parry would be mentored by Fallstreak Ivory during these Games. Also, his odds of winning were 18 - 1. Parry used to work in the fields a lot, giving him great strength when he was in the Games, just like the tributes in the 74th Games. 

55th Games

Due to his immense strength, he managed to kill at least one tribute in the bloodbath. In the cornucopia bloodbath, 10 tributes died. Many tribute would die later of infection or disease. However, Parry would stay away from anything poisonous. During the finale of the Games, during nighttime, there were mutts with night vision that killed 50 percent of the remaining tributes at the time, leaving Parry the winner of that year.