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The 54th Games were won by the 17 year old Lyme Rabe. These Games are somewhat popular to the Capitol and the people of Panem.

Pre Games

Before her Games would begin, her odds of winning were 6-1.

54th Games

Not much is known about these Games, except that it took place around a volcano. She was a skilled career and was very good at making battle tactics when it came to fighting tributes. It is mentioned they were popular in the Capitol because of Lyme's feeling of honor.

She didn't kill any of her fellow Careers. She was seventeen years old at the time, but unforgetable. It is known that she did however kill at least one tribute, but was still merciful to anyone who stood in her way. During the finale, the volcano erupted. However, it only killed the second to last tribute days later when he/she was scorched in a huge pyroclastic flow. This crowned Lyme the victor that year.

The Other Victor that won that year was Aromulus Gionni at the age of 18 by being a skilled career from District 1.