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The 53rd Games were won by the 17 year old Rendwick Keene. These Games were unpopular, even though they were won by a career.


She was a tribute that did not volunteer, was was just reaped. This was a surprise, since most people from her district volunteer, since they are careers and can manage to stay alive longer that most tributes in the Games. However, as we all know, Renwick still won anyways. Before the Games, her odds of winning were 5 - 1.

53rd Games

During the bloodbath, her mouth was sliced open by a tribute but he was later killed swiftly. 

When the gong sounded, letting everyone know that the bloodbath was over, she killed the Career pack she was in. Later, when she was alone in the forest, she was chased down by a gorilla mutt. However, since she was very agile and fast, she was able to climb a tree and throw an axe that the creature's head, killing the mutt and crowning her the victor, just when the second to last tribute died.