34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

The winner of the 52nd Games was Abigail Jackson at age 15. These Games weren't very popular though, even though the arena was very original.

Pre Games

Her odds of winning would be 8-1.

52nd Games

During the Games, there were geysers around the cornucopia, capable of spraying a hot poisonous liquid that could burn a person's skin off. During her Games, she avoided them, with some of the geysers killing tributes. She won using a sword.

It is also described in the 66th Hunger Games book on how there was an underwater palace there as well. This year's Other Victor was Stradivarias Underwood.

Post Games

After she won, she went mad from being traumatized in the Games. This showed a sign of weakness to her fellow citizens of District 2 since they are a brutal district.