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The winner of the 51st Games was District 4's 16 year old Librae Ogilvy.


During this year, she was mentored by Muscida. Also, her odds of winning would be 6-1.

51st Games

She killed many of the tributes in the bloodbath with a sword and hid for the rest of the games. This means that she broke away from her career pack in an unusually early stage in the stage without dying. The were also parrot mutts as well. They were similar to Mockingjay since they mimicked the voice of other tributes in the arena, but they sounded more realistic, like a Jabberjay's.

These mutts tricked many tributes into thinking they were hearing their loved ones or fellow tributes getting killed, thus driving them insane. (A similar technique is used in the 75th Hunger Games) However, since Librae hid she wasn't affected by the mutts. It's also known that Maika Sheert's sister's friend was killed during this time in the Games, making her the District 1 Female.

Post Games

When she returned home, she had an unwelcome vibe since many hated the idea of a career barley fighting then running away and hiding. Because of this, many people there label her a coward, instead of giving her the respect she deserved after winning her respected Games. After this, she became a heavy drinker and isolated herself from everyone else since nobody liked her. The only time she would come out in the public was for food or for mentoring other future tributes so they could win.


  • Suzanne Collins mentioned in an interview that the first three winners of District 4 won at a distance of 20 years, so Librae would have to have won the 51st Hunger Games since Mags won The 11th Hunger Games and Muscida won The 31st Hunger Games.