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The 49th Games were won by the 15 year old Dominic Fisher from District 4. These Games weren't that popular, since everybody was anticipating the 2nd Quarter Quell happening a year after this one. However, they were a bit popular because the victor was so unexpected.


During this time, his odds of winning was 10-1, which wasn't very impressive. He wasn't a volunteer, but was Reaped normally. His allies were Isaac (1), Fuchsia (1), Linus (2), Octavia (2), Colin (3) and Wave (4). He had 4 kills total.

49th Games

During the bloodbath, Dominic killed the District 9 Male and the District 5 Male with a machete. He joined with his fellow Careers after the bloodbath, and counted the bodies. On the second day, Dominic and Octavia found a blood trail while the others hunted. They followed it, but turned back when they heard a cannon and saw a hovercraft heading towards the Cornucopia. He watched the hovercraft collect the District 3 Female’s body, and went back to the supplies. The next day, a poisonous fog chased the Careers, killing Fuchsia. Dominic and Isaac ducked into the Cornucopia, but got trapped. Luckily, Isaac chopped a hole through the side of the Cornucopia with his ax, and they escaped. However, they got hives from being exposed to the fog. A sponsor gift was sent to Octavia, which contained breathing masks, allowing the Careers to retrieve their supplies. On the fourth and fifth days, the Careers hunted but could not find anyone. On the sixth day Dominic killed the District 12 Male with a blowgun. Later, the girl from 11 attacked and cut off Dominic’s left hand. She escaped, however, and was not killed. In the morning, the Careers found the girl from 11 stealing their supplies. She ran, but fell into Colin’s electric trap and pulled Wave down with her. Dominic mourned Wave on the eighth day. Also on the eighth day, his parents were interviewed because he was in the final 8 (technically 7). They didn’t believe he would win, but tried to hide it. The Careers then found Colin and allied with him. The tenth day was a Feast, and Colin set an electric trap which killed the District 10 Male. On the eleventh day, Octavia stepped on a hidden pressure plate which made a tsunami start in the arena. Linus spotted it, and the Careers climbed a tree to escape it. Isaac fell off the tree branch and into the tsunami. He was electrocuted and bashed to death. Octavia then split up the Careers because only 5 remained. The next day, mutts drove all the tributes to the Cornucopia, where they were to fight to the death. Octavia killed Jenny from 6 with a long knife. Linus threw a knife into Octavia’s head, but Octavia stabbed him in the chest. He died a few moments afterwards. Colin attacked Dominic, and Dominic dodged. He then speared Colin in the stomach. Colin fell to the floor and Dominic speared him in the chest, crowning him victor.


Dominic became an instructor at the academy in District 4, where he spent most of his time teaching the next tributes.


  1. Dominic Fisher
  2. Colin
  3. Linus
  4. Octavia
  5. Jenna
  6. Isaac
  7. District 10 Male
  8. Wave
  9. District 11 Female
  10. District 12 Male
  11. Fuchsia
  12. District 3 Female
  13. District 8 Female
  14. District 5 Male
  15. District 8 Male
  16. District 12 Female
  17. District 7 Male
  18. District 5 Female
  19. District 6 Male
  20. District 7 Female
  21. District 10 Female
  22. District 9 Male
  23. District 11 Male
  24. District 9 Female