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The 48th Games were won by the 15 year old Kurt Bonatz from District 2.

Pre Games

This year, the mentor from his district was Berglind Jonsdottir, and his odds of winning was 3-1.

48th Games

The Arena was full of monsters from Mongolian folklore. One of these mutts were the Eloko- Mongolian dwarf like creatures that are extremely ferocious and vicious. They had mouths that could open so wide to swallow whole humans. They had no hair, only leaves grew from their skin. They also had huge claws. Another one was the Death Worm. Mongolian nomads believe the giant worm covers its prey with an acidic substance that turns everything a corroded yellow colour.

Legend says that as the creature begins to attack it raises half its body out of the sand and starts to inflate until it explodes, releasing the lethal poison all over the unfortunate victim. The poison is so venomous that the prey dies instantly. Humans are supposed to be its main prey. They were around 2-7 ft. tall as well. The tributes had to live of camels to survive. Kurt won this year by using his amazing axe skills in combat.