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The 47th Games were won by the 16 year old Yohan Fairbain from District 3.

Pre Games

During this time, she was mentored by Beetee Latier. Also, during training, she received a score of 6, which is average. Her odds of winning were 16-1.

47th Games

During the Games she participated in, she ran and took a backpack and axe and dug up a mine. She quickly re-wired it, activating it, and threw it at the cornucopia, killing seven people, including three Careers. She quickly dug up a third mine and ran into the forest. Since the trees in the forest had thorns on them, it made it easier to climb them. On the 3rd day of roaming the forest, she ran into the boy from District 9, and killed him with her axe. After that, she hid for a long time. She received many sponsors since she had killed so many people in the bloodbath in such a short period of time.

When the feast was announced, Yohan was planning to bomb the other three Careers but her second mine overheated, so she had to dig one up herself. Luckily, she got the cornucopia first and dug up a mine. When the Careers arrived, she threw her mine at them, killing two of the three Careers, and another person that was hiding in the cornucopia. The last Career chased her in the forest, and Yohan ran up a tree. The Career tried climbing up, but messed up his her footing, which made her slip and fall to the ground, snapping her neck which eventually killed her. This crowned Yohan the victor that year. This year's Other Victor was Aaron Howdenmarth.