The 44th Hunger Games

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"However, true story by the way, my uncle volunteered for my father when he was chosen to be in the 44th Games, since my uncle was 18 years old and my father was 16, and also out of love. He died in the finale when the last tributes were bombed by another tribute, killing 8 others besides my uncle. That was a year a girl from 3 won by doing hardly anything. Once she came to our district for her Victory Tour, she didn't even notice our grieving family. Sack of shit."

-Jackson talking about the 44th Games

The 44th Hunger Games were won by District 3's 18 year old Wiress Plummer. This year's Games weren't so popular, even though they ended in a spectacular way.

Pre Games

This year, she was mentored by Fawn Odinshoot. Her odds of winning were 22-1. Also, Jackson Spidell's father was going to be reaped this year, but Jackson's uncle volunteered and so he participated in the Games instead.

44th Games

Since the arena was a fruit forest, there were many poisonous fruits that killed many tributes. However, Wiress was able to recognize that they were poisonous.

During this time, there were wild boar that would roam the woods. They would devastate crops, meaning that they could also destroyed anyone's supplies if they were left unguarded. This happened once, and the tribute died of starvation after that. They had tusks that could impale you. Since they were fast, it was extremely hard to kill them.

During the finale she let her district partner bomb the careers. However, the bomb reacted in such a way that in activated the other explosives around the cornucopia, killing him, the careers, and some other ones, which was 9 in total. This killed Jackson's uncle. This also left Wiress the only tribute left, making her the victor.

Post Games

Not much is known here, but she didn't notice Jackson's family, even though they were grieving. This probably because she went insane.

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