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The 42d Games were won by District 1's 15 year old Scorpii Inchcape. These Games were very similar to Katniss's first Games she participated in.

Pre Games

At age 15, she volunteered, for the 42nd Hunger Games, and was very skilled with bow and arrow, just like Katniss. Her odds of winning here 5-1.

42d Games

During the bloodbath, her district partner died. It's during this time she got with the Careers and was in an alliance with them. She later left the group when there were very little tributes left besides them. As tension grew, the Careers murdered each other, crowning Scorpii the winner of the 42d Games. Its also known that there were ant eaters to feast on for the tributes, and they weren't mutts. It's also known this year that the tributes from District 5 weren't very good fighters but they were smart.