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The 41st Games were won by Daniel Bernhardt from District 9 at 18 years old. These Games weren't so popular.

Pre Games

Daniel used to carry large quantities of wheat before he was in the Games. Once a boy got picked, he volunteered for his brute strength. While in training, he learned how to use a sword. His odds of winning were 13-1. During the Games, Romulous Jackson was the Head Gamemaker.

41st Games

During the Games, he allied with the careers. It's also noted that there weren't many weapons in the arena the year. As time went on, the temperature swelled up and the fish in the lakes died as a result. So, how would people survive? You must have been liked. This is why the remaining time of the Games were exciting, as the remaining tributes were people that people liked. Later, Daniel would eventually befriend his career allies and killed them while they were distracted using a sword. This crowned him the victor that year. The Other Victor that won this year was Myrcella Lapworth.