34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

The 3rd Hunger Games were won by 17 year old Gliese Dugald. He was very popular in the games because of his outfit at the parade


Gliese became very skilled in using knives, espicially kukris. He didn’t go well in his private session and received a training score of 15-1, even though he received a 9 as a score.

During the tribute parade, he and his partner wore electric blue outfits and were dressed are Zeus and Nike. The outfits also were covered in blue electricity and were very popular. Also, the Head Gamemaker that year was Hastan Naqvi.

3rd Games

During the Games, in the cornucopia bloodbath, he escaped, took a bag, and a knife, and killed no tributes on that day. Since the arena was located in a steppe, so there were no hiding places, making the careers dominate.

However, Gliese was smart, and stole their supplies while they were killing other tributes. They then almost starved, until the feast happened, when all 6 careers fought to the death over a stale piece of bread. When the last career, from District 4, wasn't looking, Gliese took a sword down her back, killing her, making him the victor. Also, his odds of winning were 15-1.

It is also noted that there were bison in the arena that year, that were very vicious. They would ram into their victim, usually braking many of their ribs, and also causing massive internal damage to the body in several other aspects. This would also make the tributes bleed to death in extreme cases. Thiry skin was genetically modified to be almost impenetrable as well, making the bison very hard to kill.

Furelle was one of the most famous people in Panem when she was introduced as the winner that year, even though the people knew well of that the winner that year was Gliese. Good examples of this are Augustus and Porter.

Post Games

District 3 received a huge gear made of diamonds representing technology as their District Gift.


  • The arena this year was originally going to be taking place at the canyons, but was changed at the last minute.