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"From District 3, there's just Beetee Latier, a guy who won last year. I remember those Games very well. He killed a boy in the bloodbath by chocking her with a wire that he would use eventually to win, electrocuting all of the careers at once, killing them. They weren't all present at that time."

-Thorburn talking about Beetee's Games

The 39th Games were won by the 17-year-old Beetee Latier from District 3. These Games were quite popular since the way he won was quite spectacular.

Source: https://the-66th-hunger-games.wikia.com/wiki/The_37th_Hunger_Games

Pre Games

Not much is known about the pre-games except that most people wanted Beetee as an ally but he stayed alone. Also, his odds of winning were 13-1. During the Games, Romulous Jackson was the Head Gamemaker. During training, since he showed off his skills on how to use electricity as a weapon, some wire was added in the arena just for him to use. Because of his score, his odds of winning were 13-1.

39th Games

In the Bloodbath, only ten people died (11 being the norm) including Beetee's district partner and the District 1 female, placing 15th and 18th. The first to die was the District 8 Female. During this time, he choked a tribute to death using a wire that he got from the cornucopia

After a few days, only four careers were left in the last seven, having killed nearly everybody. The District 1 male, District 2 male, District 2 female, District 3 male (Beetee), District 4 female, District 7 female and District 11 female were still alive. They were all hunting down one another on a wet hill (it rained the night before). Beetee used the water to electrocute all six of them at once. The final showdown placing is:

Tribute Placing District Cause
Beetee Latier 1st 3 electrocuting the last tributes
District 4 Female 2d 4 getting electrocuted
District 1 Male 3d 1 getting electrocuted
District 2 Male 4th 2 getting electrocuted
District 11 Female 5th 11 getting electrocuted