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The 38th Games were won by the 15 year old Indigo Weaver from District 8. This year, an Other Victor won, by District 5's 15 year old Porter Millicent Tripp.

Pre Games

During the Games, Romulous Jackson was the Head Gamemaker. During training, Indigo received score of 10, so his odds of winning were about 3 - 1. During Porter's training, her odds of winning were 7-1.

38th Games

Indigo's story, from Thorburn's perspective:

"He has a heavy build. He won his Games by using strength, and two lances. I remember the year he won, which was like two years ago. That arena aways had some sort of hurricane, wether it would be acid rain, a fire tornado, or something worse. That arena took place on a rain forest, located on an island. The Games that year were very messed up.

They had Cheeta mutts there too. He killed more than half of the career team, including the leader, which was from District 4." Its also known that in the water, there were eels that would electrocute you. Since they were mutts, each time they attack someone, they killed them.

Porter's story:

According to some, she played it really smart during the Games. However, during the final showdown of the Games, she had to fight the District 11 Female, resulting in a spinal injury when she killed her, since she was pushed off of the top of the cornucopia. She was seen as a hero, for being so resilient during the Games.