34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"Its Greir Rollo, the man who won 31 years before this year with brute force. His Games weren't really remembered besides the fact that the winner that year was from home."

The 35th Hunger Games were won by Greir Rollo from District 10 at age 18. These Games were quite popular since he won using brutal manner.

Pre Games

During this time, his odds of winning were 10-1. TheHead Gamemaker that year was Spartoi Peloponnesus. It's also mentioned that Greir noticed that he was the tallest tribute in this year's Games. Greir was also mentored by Phox Yule this year.

35th Games

During this time, his odds of winning were 10-1. During the countdown, he was positioned next to a Career and a little girl. Instead of spying on the other tributes, Greir stayed fixiated on the cornucopia. Once the gong rang, Greir was one of the first ones to get to the cornucopia. He grabbed a single headed axe and dashed to the mountains. Minutes later, he stops to catch his breath and see's the dead tributes getting picked up by the Capitol.

Days later, he comes to the realization that he didn't get anything else besides a weapon, and he starts to starve and die of dehydration. However, he's in luck since he receives a sponsor from someone containing a container of water. Despite him being very thirsty, he only drinks a little bit of it, knowing that he'll need to conserve supplies. The next day, things get very interesting. He runs into that kangaroo mutt. The thing almost crushes him but he manages to kill it with his axe. He later eats it raw.

When two tributes from Districts 3 and 7 come to fight him, they knock his axe out of his hand. Everyone thought that he was a goner, but he's much stronger than the two and strangles them to death with his bare hands. Much much later, around a week later, nothing happens much when it comes to Grier's activity. He's well stocked with supplies after killing that kangaroo and the two kids and has made a small camping place to stay. However, an idea pops in his head.

He starts making a fire while the Careers are also killing kangaroos invading their space. When they find them, there are only two of them left since the other Careers have either been trampled to death by the kangaroos or have died in the hand of another tribute, kicks one of them in the fire, burning them to death, while he kills the other one with his axe. The victory horns blow, and his name is announced as the newest victor at the time.