34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"I remember the Hunger Games the year he was born, the 34th, won Eero Nitva, who won them by using axes, knifes, and swords to kill other tributes. He's from District 7."

-Thorborn talking about what happened that year

The 34th Games were won by the 17 year old Eero Nitva from District 7. After he won, he became very popular to the Capitol for being so handsome.

Pre Games

During this time, he did very well for his private session, making his odds go to 4 - 1 for winning the Games. The Head Gamemaker that year was Spartoi Peloponnesus.

34th Games

Since the arena was underwater, the tributes dressed in different colored scooba diving suits, with each color representing a district that were from. Because of this, if was very important that the tributes would know how to swim. However, tributes from lower districts didn't know how to swim, resulted in their death during the early stages of the Games. District 4 did really well in this arena as expected. Eero Nitya won his Games by killing some tributes, including a career, with a knife, sword, and axe.

He managed to get food and resources while he was in the arena. He won by using his axe against the last tribute. The Capitol offered their new victory a robotic leg but Eero made one himself partially out of wood. Its also known that there were hammerhead shark mutts this year that killed a good portion of the remaining tributes, and one of these sharks took one of Eero's legs.