34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

The 33d Games were won by the 17 year old Jomilee Lapworth from District 9. It is known that the arena was a snowy terrain.

Pre Games

During this time, we know that her odds of winning were 15-1. The Head Gamemaker that year was Spartoi Peloponnesus.

33d Games

Since this was the first year with a snowy terrain, many tributes came unprepared. As a result, many died of hypothermia. However, Jomilee somehow sustained her heat to a healthy temperature and survived through these hard times. Its also known that she killed multiple tributes as well, even during the bloodbath, and the cornucopia was located in the ice castle made of black ice.

Because of this, it was very hard to run, get weapons, fight, etc. This is one of the places the Careers stayed later on. At the top of the castle were traps and other things that could easily kill you. At the edge of the arena, there was a glacier with deadly crevasses covered in snow.She killed most of her enemies with make-shift weapons. She took shelter by staying in an igloo. In the finale, the final tributes fought in the ice castle made from black ice. This alone made it very hard to fight anyone, so the final fight between the final two tributes looked quite funny to see on television, since they were always falling down.