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The 31st Hunger Games were won by the 16 year old Muscida Selkirk from District 4. These Games were quite popular at the Capitol.

Pre Games

This year, she would be mentored by Mags Flanagan, and her odds of winning were 6-1. The Head Gamemaker that year was Spartoi Peloponnesus.

31st Games

Muscida won by making traps with nets, catching the unfortunate tribute, and killed them with a spear, a technique that Finnick Odair would later use because of what he saw. However, he would use a trident instead of a spear. It is also mentioned that she won her Games due to being very skilled with the slingshot. On the second-last day, she had to murder her own District partner after he tried to kill her in her sleep.

The other half of her alliance (The female from 2) was killed by the 11 female that same night. In the wee hours of the morning, she killed the 11 female, who was already very weakened and begged Muscida to kill her.


  • Suzanne Collins mentioned in an interview that the first three winners of District 4 won at a distance of 20 years, so Muscida would have won the 31st Hunger Games since Mags won The 11th Hunger Games.