34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

The 30th Hunger Games were won by District 11's 16 year old Seeder Howell. These Games were quite popular through all of Panem. The Games took 5 weeks to complete.

Pre Games

During this time, she found out that her odds of winning were 12-1. The year, the Head Gamemaker was Spartoi Peloponnesus.

30th Games

Since the arena was a huge maze in the sign of a Panem logo, and as expected, it was hard trying to find food that was scattered through the arena. Seeder won since she lasted the longest without eating food. There were many mutts and other monsters that hid in the maze that had thermal vision. Some other mutts were also equipped with night vision, so hiding from them wasn't really an option. Seeder avoided them since she was small and fast, making her hide in small confined spaces that the other tributes couldn't. The Other Victor that won that year was Goldie Locksley.