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The 2nd Hunger Games were won by 18 year old Baron Overwhill. These games weren’t as popular but they were somewhat as this year the Careers had most of the spotlight, as usual.


Just like Fir, Rummage, Honorius, Mags, Gliese, Tressa, Savera, Tule, Mizar, and Wolfmark, he had a Capitol hired mentor. He was very skilled with a scythe and a sword, but he was already training to be a Peacekeeper which worked at his advatange. He received an average training score of 10-1. The Head Gamemaker that year was Hastan Naqvi.

During the Tribute Parade, he and his partner wore gladiator costumes fitted with the weapon of their choice.

The 2nd Hunger Games

His Game described in Eyes on Fire by Devin Naqvi!

"You guys wanna see mine?" Baron says. Me and Victoria say yes. We skip around the lobby of the playlist and find his, and I realize that he won the 2d Hunger Games. Tha'ts the year Drusus Snow die, since his husband was executed 2 years ago. He's right about the Games taking place in the caves. Baron killed 3 people in the bloodbat, and made a career alliance with everyone except the girl from 4, who was missing.

She either left, or died. The careers have a very hard time finding tributes. One day, probably 11-14 days in, a huge mutt chases Baron and the careers. The monster isn't illuminated but you can see its shape, but just baeley. The beast manages to kill 3 of the 5 remaining careers. It was only Baron and the girl from 2 left, so they fought each other. She was strangling Baron, getting on top of him, choking him. However, Baron reached for a rock and hit her in the head. Did I mention the cameras have night vision? blood gushes out of her head, and he hits the rock on her head until she dies. Quite a year, I suppose."

Since the arena was shrouded in darkness, there were backpacks with night vision goggles. This was a life saver when it came to arenas like this. However, the careers didn't manage to get any. The audience was only able to watch this year's Games by looking at hig- quality night visios cameras. There eres also bats, but they weren’t any harm to tributes.

Post Games

District 2 received a bronze statue of a gladiator for their brutality as their District Gift.