34th Hunger Games Fanon Wiki

"I especially look at Struves, since she killed fucking 14 tributes during her respective Games. Now THAT'S talent."

-Thorburn talking about Struve's Games

The 23d Games were won by the 16 year old Struve Ballantynn. These Games were popular since the victor this year killed the highest amount of tributes anyone has ever killed.

Pre Games

During this time, her odds of winning were 6-1. Also, Bern Halloway was the Head Gamemaker that year. She volunteered to be in the Games since she knew that she stood a chance.

23d Games

She proved to be an expert at using a spear when she killed two tributes in one throw of a spear during the bloodbath.

During the bloodbath, she killed 7 people, managing to kill two of her victims at once. Some tributes that survived the aftermath of the bloodbath died of dehydration, as you'd expect for a Hunger Games taking place in a desert. During day 5, the Gamemakers sent a tornado that killed a large percentage of the remaining tributes.

During the feast, Struve killed four of the six people that participated in it. The last person who died in the feast was the District 3 female and was the last death that happened during the feast. In the later stages of the Games, she killed the Careers, which were her alliance members. In the finale, there was a sand storm that suffocated the second to last tribute. Because of this, Struve was crowned the winner that year. In total, Struve killed 14 people, which the most tributes killed by one person in any Hunger Games, which is why

Final 5:

Placing Tribute Cause District
1st Struve Ballantynn Killing the second to last tribute 1
2d District 8 Female Blown away by the tornado and bled to death much later 8
3d District 2 Male Being killed by Struve with a spear 2
4th District 4 Female Being killed by Struve with a spear 4
5th District 1 Female Being killed by Struve with a spear 1

Post Games

As you'd imagine, she was very popular after she won. During this time, she would commonly be referred to as the "Bone Breaker."