The 22nd Hunger Games

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The 22d Games were won by Terra Kinnimonth at age 17. She is from District 1 and was a career during her respective Games.

22d Games

The arena would have an insane number of resources everywhere. It was an elliptical shape mostly covered in ocean water. It appeared to be a miniature version of the Earth.

As time progressed, the water levels would slowly rise and the air would become smoggier and smoggier. UV rays would also be projected into the arena, starting at Antarctica. The remainder of the candidates would have to endure earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and highly acidic rain. When there are only four left, the earth would draw them together and force them to fight to the death. Out of this fight, Terra won by using a spear and a sword she got earlier during the Games. Also, it is known that her odds of winning were 5-1.

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