The 20th Hunger Games

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The 20th Games were won by District 5's 16 year old Venture Allardyce.

20th Games

Her Games would be described by herself during The 40th Hunger Games, "Yeah I know, the careers are usually hardheads. It's okay, don't let them hurt you. You're better than them. I remember the careers in my Games, especially the tributes from 1. They were very cocky, athletic, and self-centered. However, they died on day 10. Not bad, but I always kept my distance from them." She says."

During that year, the arena took place at the canyons, and her odds of winning that year were 7-1. Also, the careers were dumb and self-centered. They relied purely on brute force. In the bloodbath, two of them ripped a boy in half with their bare hands. The remaining careers that didn't die in combat died by starvation since they were horrible at rationing their food supply.


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