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The 17th Games were won by the 17 year old Woof Casino from District 8.

Pre Games

During this time, he was mentored by Savera Inchcape, and his odds of winning were 8-1. This year's Head Gamemaker was Evander Salys.

17th Games

The sand was a place where there were poisonous pink cockroaches that could hide since it was a desert. There were also spiders that they call in games: the Ecteros. They would mess with the person's mind by injecting a lethal substance that would make them go insane. This affected Woof's district partner, Alicia, so he stops her suffering by suffocating her with some leaves he found in a cave.

Later in the games, he killed a handful of tributes with a throwing knife and hid for the remainder of the games. He also survived by brutal strength and chocked at least two other tributes. They weren't very popular in the Capitol because it was clear Woof was going to win from the start. Lastly, the Ecteros killed five victims at once, with 5 cannons sounding, which crowned him the victor.

- Top 5 placing:

Placing Tribute Cause District
1st Woof Casino surviving the longest 8
2nd District 9 Female killed by Ectero 9
3rd District 1 Female killed by Ectero 1
4th District 4 Male killed by Ectero 4
5th District 2 Female killed by Ectero 2